Parliamentary Code of Race Ethics

20 years after the first emergence of Pauline Hanson, the 45th Parliament has again become dominated by divisive race politics. Recent weeks have seen words used by the immigration minister as bullets to reignite a war against immigrants, and the Taskforce has taken action in response.

We have been encouraging all federal senators and MPs to sign a 2016 version of the Parliamentary Code of Race Ethics, first introduced in 1996 by Qld Senators Margaret Reynolds and John Woodley (view the 1996 document and its signatories here).

To date, all members of the ALP caucus have signed the 2016 version, which aims to hold our elected members to a code of conduct which includes making a commitment to telling the truth, and representing all constituents, regardless of race.

Read the full 2016 Parliamentary Code of Ethics and ask your local MP and your senate representatives to please sign up.

As of today, Mr Shorten has written to Mr Turnbull asking him to present it to the coalition party room, and we eagerly await Mr Turnbull’s response.

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