Here are some features of the minor party Senate result (with thanks to Anglicare SQ SRC)

·         Victoria: Derryn Hinch (Justice Party) gained a seat, and Ricky Muir lost his –

·         Queensland: One Nation has 2 seats confirmed and Glen Lazarus (formerly Palmer United) lost his seat –

·         New South Wales: One Nation won  a new seat and David Leyonhjelm  (Liberal Democrat) retained his-   

·         South Australia: 3 Nick Xenophon Senate seats won  and Bob Day (Family First) retained his seat –

·         Western Australia: One Nation has effectively won the Palmer seat (Dio Wang) –

·         Tasmania: Jacqui Lambie retained her seat and progressive ALP Senator Lisa Singh retained her seat –

·         Northern Territory – one ALP and one Coalition Senator

·         ACT: one ALP and one Coalition Sneator


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