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Right To Live At Home, Right To Seek Asylum, Right To Work

The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce believes that Refugee Week is a time to remember that the suffering of asylum seekers and refugees is a global problem. Australia has an important role to play in helping find durable solutions  ACRT-WRD press release final

Protection Not Detention.

Taskforce Members met with Federal politicians at Parliament House during Budget week in May, and challenged them
to redirect funding. Read Our Alternative Strategy here.

Anglican Church calls for review of ‘no advantage’ policy

Statement by Bishop Philip Huggins, Chair, Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee.  Reports today make plain that the Federal Government‘s ‘no advantage’ policy regarding Asylum-seekers, introduced on August 13, is not working to reduce the numbers arriving.  Read it here.

JRS Press Release

Jesuit Refugee Service Australia calls on Australian Government to reinstate work rights and provide vulnerable families with adequate support. Read it here.

Archbishop criticises migration zone amendment

ABC-news-logoThe Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide has criticised the Federal Government’s move to excise the entire mainland from Australia’s migration zone. Read whole article.