Hail or Fail: A Poem

Hail or Fail
The people are civilians
but to the military they must hail.
If not, they have to go to jail.
and their lives will have failed.

Ethnic people were living together as finger and nail,
but government has not treated them equally.
About this they sent the government lots of mail,
but it was tossed in the garbage pail.
They began to wail.
Their tragedy has been kept under a veil.

Then the people complained to the peoples of the world,
but they also made the people ail,
So they have come to Aussie by sail.
If they return to their country
they will again go to jail.
and their lives will once again fail.

7 October 2010
Alaghun came to Australia from Jaffna, Sri Lanka on 13 August 2009, in a boat to seek asylum from persecution. He has been in detention on Christmas Island since his arrival.

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