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Mary Meets Mohammad DVDs are now on sale

MaryMeetsMohammedMary Meets Mohammad had a successful cinema and community screening tour in 2013 and has been making a positive social impact. The film also became a 2013 Walkley Award finalist which was also very rewarding.

Standard DVDs, Blu-ray, short version DVDs and Outreach packages are now on sale directly form the Mary Meets Mohammad website. Single DVDs are $30. Please follow the link on:

Mary Meets Mohammad Outreach Packages – 4 DVDs for $99

The idea behind the Mary Meets Mohammad Outreach Packages is, if you feel inspired to help the go further, keep one DVD for yourself, and give three copies away to people who might benefit from seeing the Mary Meets Mohammad story.

Storytelling is a very effective and powerful tool for transforming negative attitudes towards asylum seekers, into positive, socially cohesive viewpoints. The film has proven this over the last year of screenings which has been very inspiring.

On sell the DVDs as a fundraiser for your organisation

If your church or organisation would like to sell the DVDs, a wholesale rate of 20% less than the $30 retail price can be arranged, for a minimum purchase of 8 DVDs. You can raise $6.00 per $30 DVD sale.

Host a Community screening with free licence fee or Host a Fundraiser Screening

A dream I have is that the film might show in every parish of every church denomination across Australia. I know as a result of the 2013 screenings that the Mary Meets Mohammad message, promoting a common humanity and instilling the values of love and compassion, is changing many minds and hearts. You may want to help inspire other churches and schools to host a screening.

You may be interested in a blog that Tasmanian Anglican Bishop John Harrower, who is in the documentary, wrote about the film.

You can view the trailer for the film.

You can visit the Facebook page.

New change this year: There is no screening licence fee for any bookings that are free entry screenings. You simply need to register your wish to host a screening online. We will receive your request and approve it before you’ll then be able to download poster files and publicity that will assist you in promoting your event.

If you would like to make a fundraiser event out of your screening, you keep 70% of the ticket sales, with Waratah Films receiving 30%. You will need to sign a screening licence agreement with Waratah Films beforehand.

You might want to host a screening for Refugee Week for the 15th to 21st June?

You can also sell DVDs at your event and raise a further 20% on every DVD sale, and hopefully encourage more community screenings.

Register you interest to host a screening here:

There is a Study Guide that accompanies the film and is mapped to school curriculum.

The Study Guide is best suited to Years 9 to 12 for screening with the full 81 minute feature film. The shorter 26 min version of the film can suit Grade 6 upwards. Hundreds of teachers have used the film with English, Geography and History curriculum. Some schools have hosted a screening for the whole school at a school assembly.

Please recommend the film to your teacher friends. The film has also been used with universities, church groups and other community organisations. You can download the Study Guide here.

New Mary Meets Mohammad community screenings

Mary Meets Mohammad community screenings are detailed here.


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SVHA Asylum Seeker Health and Wellbeing Scoping Study

Last year St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) commissioned a scoping study into the health and wellbeing of asylum seekers living in the community, with a focus on Victoria, NSW and Queensland. This was conducted by St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne in collaboration with the Ecumenical Migration Centre, Brotherhood of St Laurence from June-September 2012.

Many of you generously gave your time, shared knowledge and resources to assist the research team in preparing a report and recommendations to the Board of SVHA. The report has been made publicly available and can be downloaded from the SVHA website.

As you are all aware, it can be difficult to maintain up-to-date information on entitlements and services in an ever-changing policy environment. Efforts were made to provide accurate information at the time of completion, with a brief content update made again in March 2013.

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Human Rights Standards for Immigration Detention

The Australian Human Rights Commission has just released the Human rights standards for immigration detention.

Download the pdf here.

Standards are the result of a project, jointly funded by the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Commonwealth Ombudsman and the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department during 2011-2012. The project involved the development of a set of human rights based standards to guide the monitoring of immigration detention facilities that is undertaken by independent monitoring bodies, such as the Commission.

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The Service of Lament Liturgy

On Saturday 3 August more than 250 Uniting Church members from across Sydney gathered for a sombre hour-long service of lament at Australia’s harsh policies against asylum seekers.

The liturgy, written by Rev Dorothy McRae-McMahon, Rev Kent Crawford, Justin Whelan and Radhika Sukumar is available for download at and the authors are happy for it to be used in congregational services (with appropriate acknowledgement).

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The “PNG Solution”: What does it really mean?

Regional Resettlement Arrangement Between Australia and PNG

On Friday 19th July, the governments of Australia & Papua New Guinea signed a Regional Resettlement Arrangement covering all asylum seekers arriving in Australian water by boat. This document, prepared by Uniting Justice Australia, looks at the arrangement and what it means for asylum seekers and human rights in Australia. Download it here.

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Pre-election Resources from the Uniting Church in Australia

A-Just-SocietyThis resource, developed by the Uniting Church in Australia, includes materials on asylum seeker and refugee issues. It is an invitation to consider your vote in the 2013 Federal Election in terms of what we need to do, as individuals and as a nation, to ensure a just society – one that is focussed on the good of all people and the planet, now and into the future. We hope that you will find it a helpful resource as you consider the values which underpin the policies of the political parties and candidates who are asking us to give them the responsibility of national leadership. See the full document.

Of particular interest to the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce are the following extracts from the full document:

Protecting the Persecuted: Justice for asylum seekers and refugees

In the Hebrew Scriptures God is often identified as the God who cares for the exiled and the stranger. God brings justice to the oppressed and calls on the people of faith to care for the strangers and aliens in their midst as they care for each other. Refugees are identified in the Bible with widows and orphans as the most marginalised people, the most at risk, and the test of faithful obedience to God was how a community or individuals cared for these most vulnerable people. Hospitality to the stranger therefore became one of the strongest moral forces in ancient Israel. To read on, download this document.

Children in Immigration Detention

Australia is the only developed country that has a policy of mandatory detention of all “unauthorised arrivals”, including children. There are moral and humane alternatives. These children have not been detained “as a measure of last resort.” There is no legitimate justification for this policy. To read on, download this document.

Asylum seekers and offshore processing

Why is this an election issue? The politicisation of asylum seekers has continued unabated over the last 3 years – extremely vulnerable people fleeing persecution, including children, are being used to score political points about ‘stopping the boats’. To read on, download this document.



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Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Scriptural, Theological and Ethical Approaches

StudyGuideThe questions surrounding our engagement with those who come to our country seeking refuge are profound and continue to shape the political and social landscape of Australia.

Our response to refugees and asylum seekers continues to be a hot topic in election campaigning. Ongoing conflict around the world continues to generate new sources of refugees at an unprecedented rate. The issues are not going away.

Contribute meaningfully to the public conversation

This inspirational study guide, prepared by The Reverend Gillian Moses, is designed to assist parish and other groups to explore asylum-seeker and refugee related issues in depth and through focused engagement with relevant scriptures. Each session of this study guide is designed to help groups engage with a critical issue concerning refugees and asylum seekers from a Christian perspective. Download the A4 document.

Further Help

To assist parishes, schools and agencies in their engagement with the study guide, the Diocesan Social Responsibilities Committee have also developed two shorter biblical ‘pre-studies’:
1. “Who do you say I am?: Issues of language and naming” (available here)
2. “What have you done to us, bringing us out of Egypt?: Coping with change” (available here)

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Prayer Points

How do we as Christians respond to the latest issues confronting refugees?

  • Please pray that the Australian Government doesn’t make further cuts from aid programs which support the poorest in the world.
  • Pray for the people who lost their lives at sea in the last week when their boats sank near Christmas Island.
  • Pray for the people in countries who are forced to flee their communities and seek asylum due to their desperate situations – Indonesia, Sub Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Vanuatu and the Pacific. Funding cuts to aid programs in these countries will only increase the flow of refugees globally.
  • Pray for the women of these countries who are the greatest impacted when overseas aid funding is redirected, by violence, war, poor health and abuse.
  • Pray that refugees are recognised not as a political ‘football’ but as our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • We pray that God will make us the means of change for our world.
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