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Baptcare’s Asylum Seeker Statement

Baptcare has forwarded the following statement (accompanied by a letter from our Chief Executive) to a range of candidates from the major parties, in selected Victorian and Tasmanian electorates.

Our Chief Executive has also emailed this Statement to all our staff across 33 locations in Melbourne, regional Victoria, Hobart and Launceston; with a request that if they agree with Baptcare’s perspective on this issue then they disseminate it further and also consider the action of contacting their local candidates.

Download the full statement.

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Issues and Questions for the 2013 Federal Election Process

From the Public Affairs Commission of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia

We need a Government who will determine the truly critical issues that should be addressed for the long term national and global good and then go about achieving progress collaboratively. Social cohesion based on core values is important for the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and beyond that for effective democracy. For a democracy in which many politicians espouse Christian faith and/or values, as they do in Australia, it will be a source of strength if politics and conscience informed by religion can work together in the public arena. We present some key issues and values we consider important for this relationship and this election… read the full document.

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Baptcare Social Policy Position Paper

Baptcare calls for humane treatment and hosting of asylum seekers including: a reception program that involves a humane standard of living within the community, access to a timely and fair assessment of claims for asylum and protection, assurances against refoulement and clear, transparent processes for the review of decisions.

Download the Full Policy Paper.

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