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Bishop Philip Huggins writes to the Prime Minister

A Letter to the Prime Minister

Bishop Philip Huggins, (Chair of the Anglican Church of Australia General Synod Working Group on Refugees and Asylum-seekers) has written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott requesting Australia makes an additional allocation of 10,000 refugee places for people fleeing Syria. Download the letter here.

Quakers Discussion Paper

Quakers have become increasingly alarmed at the policies of the Australian Government about refugees and asylum seekers, especially those who arrive by boat. The current public debate has become very polarized and adversarial, and there is ambivalence in public attitudes alongside a hardening of policies and procedures for responding to boat arrivals. This Paper attempts to put the situation in historical context, to summarise commentary on current and possible future approaches, and to suggest questions for discussion.

Download the Word Doc: DP14.3 Australia and Refugees

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Migration and Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery?

Bishop Philip Huggins, (Chair, Anglican Church of Australia General Synod Refugee and Migrant Working Group) compiled this report on human trafficking for the World Council of Churches and Christian Conference of Asia – International Ecumenical Consultation, Colombo, Sri Lanka, April 4 – 7, 2014 .

Migration and Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery? Download here.





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Taskforce’s Pre-Budget Policy Submission

The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce’s Pre-Budget Policy Submission advocates for an urgent and comprehensive review of all spending related to asylum seekers and an end to the needless waste of offshore detention and work rights for asylum seekers.

Download the full document here.



Modern Slavery – International Ecumenical Consultation on Migration and Human Trafficking

The growing pace of economic globalization coupled with the current state of unemployment and increasing poverty in many developing countries have created more migrant workers than ever before. Poor economic conditions in home communities and high rates of unemployment compel millions of migrant workers from across Asia and Africa to flock to developed countries. According to the International Labour organisation (ILO), there are currently approximately 175 million migrants around the world, roughly half of them workers. Women make up almost half of these migrants.

Read the full report from the April 2014 Consultation from Colombo, Sri Lanka


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ACRT’s submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee

“An overarching concern of the Taskforce is that of our inalienable human dignity; not just of those who come to our shores seeking our protection, but also what our response to the challenges of displaced peoples in our modern era means for us as individual Australians and as a nation of peoples.” – ACRT Submission.

An inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Regaining Control Over Australia’s Protection Obligations) Bill 2013

The Migration Amendment Bill 2013 seeks to overturn the current complementary protection regime. This regime was the culmination of several years considered work and has had less than two years in which to be tested. The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce is deeply concerned about the Bill and asks that the Parliament reject the legislation in its current form.

Download the ACRT Submission.

Background Material

Download the ACRT Fact Sheet: Introducing the Complementary Protection Model

Download the report: Complementary Protection – the way ahead 2004.pdf



Jesus the Refugee

We rarely acknowledge, especially at Christmas time, that Jesus began his life as a political refugee. (Matthew 2:1-23). Yes, Jesus enters human history as a refugee in flight from powerful people who want him dead. From the beginning, Jesus found himself amongst the world’s disposable people and was forced to find his home in a strange land.

Download Greg Elsdon’s full article.

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Churches of Christ Asylum Seeker Resource Pack

The Churches of Christ  in Victoria and Tasmania have released an Asylum Seeker Resource Pack.

This Resource Pack contains a number of responses to recent Asylum Seeker policy announcements. The resources are being distributed for the purposes of conversation and discernment of Churches and Agencies affiliated with, and People in Ministry within, CCVT. It includes a Statement from the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce, an initiative supported by the National Council of Churches in Australia; the Council of Churches of Christ in Australia (and therefore CCVT) is a member church of the NCCA, and supports this Statement.

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