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Church, aid and human rights groups call on government to evacuate the refugee camps

It’s not just President Donald Trump complaining about an agreement between the Australian and American governments to move twelve hundred and fifty refugees from Nauru and Manus Island to the US. A coalition of 70 church, human rights and aid groups wants an end to the refugees’ uncertainty over whether they’ll ever get to America. Listen to the full story from RN.

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ABC NewsRadio: Government Refugee Plan Only Raises More Questions

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The Greens say the Federal Government needs to end the secrecy over its “deal” with the United States to resettle refugees from Manus Island and Nauru.

They want the government to reveal how many people will be resettled, under what conditions, and how long will it take.

It comes as key crossbench senators threaten to vote against the Government’s proposed asylum seeker visa laws that would ban those who arrived by boat from mid-2013 from ever entering Australia.

Misha Coleman is the Executive Officer of the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce.

Speaking to NewsRadio’s Glen Bartholomew, she says the deal with the US raises more questions than it answers.

Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce on Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers

Misha Coleman from the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce speaks about the Government’s proposed lifetime ban on refugees.

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ABC NewsRadio: ‘So many other people at risk’ in detention on Nauru, says Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce

A 21-year-old refugee has set herself on fire on Nauru. ‘So many other people at risk’ in detention on Nauru, says Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce, after second refugee sets themself on fire in a week. Download audio

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ABC radio: Churches Risk Criminal Charges to offer “Sanctuary” to Refugees

Sunday Nights with John Cleary: Church Sanctuary leaders explain their motivations and expectations relating to civil disobedience and asylum seekers. Listen to the full story.

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3AW Interview on the Sanctuary Campaign

Misha Coleman explains to Melbourne listeners how Church Sanctuaries will work. On the panel: Kevin John, Nick McCallum and John-Michael Howson. 8 minutes 38 secs


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St Vincent’s and Calvary to support to asylum seekers wanting church sanctuary

Feb 7 2016:  Sydney Morning Herald. By Kim Arlington.

Two of Australia’s largest Catholic healthcare organisations have offered medical support to hundreds of asylum seekers applying for church sanctuary as they face deportation to Nauru, saying it reflected their “sacred duty” as healing organisations.

St Vincent’s Health Australia and Calvary Health Care have offered to provide medical support to any of the 267 asylum seekers facing imminent transfer to Nauru and are encouraging other hospital groups to do the same. Read the full story.

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Sanctuary offered to asylum seekers facing removal to offshore detention by churches across Australia

Feb 4 2016:  ABC News. By Michael Edwards.

Churches across Australia are invoking the historical concept of sanctuary, opening their doors to asylum seekers facing removal back to offshore detention centres. Read the full story.

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Taskforce agrees with Tasmanian Government that it’s ready to take asylum seekers

From the ABC: Taskforce agrees with Tasmanian Government that it’s ready to take asylum seekers.

Radio National interviews Taskforce EO on ALP boat turnback policy

Members at the ALP National Conference reached a contentious agreement over the weekend to pursue a policy to turn back asylum seeker boats intercepted in Australian waters. Listen to the Taskforce’s Executive Officer, Misha Coleman, on ABC Radio National today.

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