New Waves of Vietnamese “Boat People”

Australian Vietnamese leader explains the new wave of Vietnamese ‘boat-people’ on ABC TV

Calls to show compassion to suspected Vietnamese asylum seekers: A navy vessel is believed to have intercepted a boat carrying suspected Vietnamese asylum seekers off the north-west coast of Western Australia. Auskar Surbakti speaks to the president of the Vietnamese Community in Victoria, Bon Nguyen, who says the Government is taking a draconian approach to the asylum seekers. See the video on the ABC News website.

Questions to Richard Marles about ALP policy on returning Vietnamese asylum seekers

The latest figures available from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection show that 120 Vietnamese are in Australian detention centres (6 per cent of the detention population).

Misha Coleman, Executive Officer of the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce joined the program to discuss the issue.

Fears raised over the fate of Vietnamese asylum seekers turned back home

Refugee advocates and migrant-community groups say they fear for the safety of a boatload of asylum seekers recently turned back to Vietnam by the Australian navy. Read the full story and listen to the interview with Misha Coleman over on the SBS website.

40 years on, Vietnamese refugees are still coming

The Vietnamese diaspora are celebrating the 40th year of migration to Australia, but the way we treat Vietnamese refugees has only gone backwards since the 1970s, writes Misha Coleman in The Drum. Read the full story: