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Media Release: ACRT affirms Liberal MP’s call to find durable solutions for refugees and close Nauru and Manus.

August 17th 2017: The Australian Churches’ Refugee Taskforce (ACRT) applauds backbench MP Russell Broadbent for speaking in parliament about the need to resolve the situation on Nauru and Manus.  

Quoting the author and journalist David Marr, Mr Broadbent pointed to Marr’s comment that there could not be a better service to Christ than for Christians to fight for those Australia has imprisoned in Nauru and Manus.

The Australian Churches’ Refugee Taskforce has worked collaboratively with other agencies across Australia for four years to call for the closure of offshore detention.  The ACRT holds the position that neither Nauru nor Manus, is a durable solution in relation to the integration of refugees in either country.

Taskforce Chair, the Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt:

“We believe that any durable solution for those on Nauru and Manus through the US deal is welcome.  However, we firmly believe that Australia is the place people should have been processed and settled in the first instance.”

The offshore processing arrangements when first proposed by the Expert Panel in 2012, were never designed for integration into Nauru or Manus.  The aim was always for safe re-settlement and is clearly articulated in the report.

“Offshore processing has failed for the second time.  Neither Nauru nor Manus has the capacity or cultural readiness for integration of the refugees who were sent there.  People in both locations continue to live in fear with very few options for safety, dignity and economic sustainability.  Durable solutions must be found in either the US, Australia or another safe location.”

Mr Broadbent’s words in parliament reflect the faithful stance of the ACRT in the call to turn towards the suffering of those on Nauru and Manus and to create safety and dignity.  Australia has tried offshore processing twice now in two decades.  Both attempts have failed to create durable solutions and avoid suffering and permanent harm to those seeking Australia’s protection.

It is time to end attempts to abrogate Australia’s responsibility to care for and process those seeking our protection.  Working within the region to create sustainable solutions and focusing on community based care arrangements, is the only way to uphold the safety and dignity of each person requesting protection.

Media inquiries may be directed to:

The Very Rev’d Dr, Peter Catt
Chair of the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce
0404 052 494

Churches appeal to Government to show compassion in the face of violence on Manus Island over Easter

15 April 2017: A Media Release from the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce.

The Australian Churches’ Refugee Taskforce has condemned the violence that erupted on Manus Island on the evening of Good Friday, and calls for the camp to be evacuated. Read the full statement here.


Church, aid and human rights groups call on government to evacuate the refugee camps

It’s not just President Donald Trump complaining about an agreement between the Australian and American governments to move twelve hundred and fifty refugees from Nauru and Manus Island to the US. A coalition of 70 church, human rights and aid groups wants an end to the refugees’ uncertainty over whether they’ll ever get to America. Listen to the full story from RN.

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Day of Prayer and Fasting for Refugees: March 5

In October 2016 the leaders of Churches met for conversation and to support each other.  At this meeting they decided that the first Sunday of Lent, 5 March 2017, will be a Day of Prayer and Fasting for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

The NCCA has put together resources to assist with reflection, prayer, reading and study.  These documents represent a collection of some of the wonderful resources that have been gathered from our Churches. Find out more!

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Enough! Declare an amnesty today!

A Media Release from the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Given the likely failure of the refugee arrangement with the United States, Australian Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull should announce an amnesty and bring the asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus to Australia. Read the full release.

Parliamentary Code of Race Ethics

20 years after the first emergence of Pauline Hanson, the 45th Parliament has again become dominated by divisive race politics. Recent weeks have seen words used by the immigration minister as bullets to reignite a war against immigrants, and the Taskforce has taken action in response.

We have been encouraging all federal senators and MPs to sign a 2016 version of the Parliamentary Code of Race Ethics, first introduced in 1996 by Qld Senators Margaret Reynolds and John Woodley (view the 1996 document and its signatories here).

To date, all members of the ALP caucus have signed the 2016 version, which aims to hold our elected members to a code of conduct which includes making a commitment to telling the truth, and representing all constituents, regardless of race.

Read the full 2016 Parliamentary Code of Ethics and ask your local MP and your senate representatives to please sign up.

As of today, Mr Shorten has written to Mr Turnbull asking him to present it to the coalition party room, and we eagerly await Mr Turnbull’s response.

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Parliamentary Submission: Inquiry in the Migration Legislation Amendment (Regional Processing Cohort) Bill 2016

Download the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce response and the Uniting Justice response.

Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce

Uniting Justice

ABC NewsRadio: Government Refugee Plan Only Raises More Questions

Listen now

The Greens say the Federal Government needs to end the secrecy over its “deal” with the United States to resettle refugees from Manus Island and Nauru.

They want the government to reveal how many people will be resettled, under what conditions, and how long will it take.

It comes as key crossbench senators threaten to vote against the Government’s proposed asylum seeker visa laws that would ban those who arrived by boat from mid-2013 from ever entering Australia.

Misha Coleman is the Executive Officer of the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce.

Speaking to NewsRadio’s Glen Bartholomew, she says the deal with the US raises more questions than it answers.

Government plan to settle refugees in the US ‘no plan’: refugee advocates

A “one-off” bilateral agreement that will see some refugees on Manus Island and Nauru resettle in the United States lacks detail and leaves many questions unanswered, refugee advocates say.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton announced the deal on Sunday morning that will see the 1800 detainees encouraged to return home, seek resettlement in the US or face an indefinite stay in the Nauruan community… read the full story.

Media Release: Australian Churches welcome government recognition of the trauma caused by Nauru and Manus

13th November 2016: The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce says the acknowledgement from the Turnbull government today that the cruel refugee prisons on Nauru and Manus are unsustainable is welcome and long overdue, and the Taskforce will closely monitor any deals, to ensure that safe and fair resettlement is the ultimate priority.

General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, Sister Elizabeth Delaney, which represents 19 Christian churches in Australia, said today that “people in churches across Australia today are thanking God that our Government has finally understood that Australians will not tolerate the cruelty being inflicted on people who’ve been incarcerated indefinitely in remote, desolate locations within Nauru and Manus Province”.

Misha Coleman, Executive Officer of the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce said:

“The fact that government has finally acknowledged that the refugee prisons are unsustainable means we are cautiously optimistic that we may be coming to the end of cruel and archaic offshore processing.”

“We also reject the need to send people who are currently here in Australia, the Let Them Stay group, back to Nauru, before they are eligible for resettlement to the US or elsewhere – that is playing games with families here, many who have very young children”.

“The devil is in the detail. We are particularly worried about the linking of the ‘lifetime refugee ban’ legislation with this announcement, specifically for the 20 families on Nauru who have family here in Australia”.

“Every single refugee must be given safe and fair resettlement. That is the only standard by which any international deal can be determined a success”.

“Not a single person must be left behind. The Turnbull government cannot think that sending some people to the US will distract from the further misery of others.

“If we needed any more proof that the lifetime refugee ban was motivated by nothing more than ugly partisan politics then we now have it. This announcement today exposes the ban completely as even more irrelevant.”

Media inquiries and comment:

Misha Coleman, Executive Officer, Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce, 0428 399 739

Peter Stahel (Essential Media) 0408 584 439

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