“An overarching concern of the Taskforce is that of our inalienable human dignity; not just of those who come to our shores seeking our protection, but also what our response to the challenges of displaced peoples in our modern era means for us as individual Australians and as a nation of peoples.” – ACRT Submission.

An inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Regaining Control Over Australia’s Protection Obligations) Bill 2013

The Migration Amendment Bill 2013 seeks to overturn the current complementary protection regime. This regime was the culmination of several years considered work and has had less than two years in which to be tested. The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce is deeply concerned about the Bill and asks that the Parliament reject the legislation in its current form.

Download the ACRT Submission.

Background Material

Download the ACRT Fact Sheet: Introducing the Complementary Protection Model

Download the report: Complementary Protection – the way ahead 2004.pdf