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Last week, the Papua New Guinea Government made the decision to close the Manus Island detention centre, after the PNG Supreme Court ruled that the facility was in breach of the Constitution.

The Australian Government is now working out where to place the 800 detainees who remain at the centre.

The Spanish conglomerate that’s about to take over responsibility for running the facility—as well as the one on Nauru—says in the future, it wants to get out of the business entirely.

The company, Ferrovial, succeeded last week in a takeover bid for the current contract holder Broadspectrum. Activist groups have lobbied Broadspectrum shareholders to divest from the company because of its role in offshore detention.

Shen Narayanasamy, Executive Director of the group, No Business in Abuse says ‘from Ferrovial’s perspective, to be complacent in the abuse of women and children is an enormous risk’.