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Rev Professor Dean (Rodney) Drayton

DeanDraytonRev Drayton’s first career was as a Geophysicist in the Simpson Desert. He was ordained as a Methodist Minister, then Ministered in Illinois and Salisbury, South Australia. He moved to the NSW Synod as Executive Director of the Board of Mission, UCA. When he was appointed National President of UCA, he visited detention centres and worked actively with Government to seek better conditions and protection for all asylum seekers. In 2009 he was appointed Professor of Theology at Charles Sturt University.
His focus has become advocacy for Iranian refugees.

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The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt


Dean, St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane

Dr Catt is Dean of St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane. He is committed to forming life-giving relationships within the community and across the diocese and city. His interests include Christian Formation, liturgical innovation, the interaction between science and religion, and narrative theology. He is a member of a number of environmental and Human Rights organisations and has served on Anglican Social Justice Committees at both Diocesan and National level.

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Peter Arndt

PeterArndtExecutive Officer, Catholic Justice and Peace Commission

As Executive Officer of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of Brisbane, Peter Arndt is also Convenor of the Brisbane Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support Network. He participates in a number of reference groups associated with the management of Government-funded refugee support programs and the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation. He also works in advocacy on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, climate change, protection of outworkers, the death penalty and human rights in Sri Lanka and West Papua.

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The Right Reverend Bishop Philip Huggins

HugginsAnglican Diocese of Melbourne, Bishop of the Northern and Western Region of Melbourne and Geelong

Ordained in 1977, Bishop Huggins has held clerical appointments in regional Victoria, Melbourne, and was Assistant Bishop in Perth and Bishop of Grafton, NSW.

He is Chair of the Anglican Diocese’s Social Responsibilities Committee and Multi-Cultural Ministry Committee, and Chair of the Board of the Brotherhood of St Laurence. He is Co-Chair of Christian World Service Commission (ACT for Peace), board member of St Laurence Community Services, and member of the Australian Churches Anti-Gambling Taskforce. He is on the Board of the Centre of Dialogue (La Trobe University), and the Australian Intercultural Society Advisory Board. He actively contributes to multi-faith and multi-cultural issues both locally and internationally.

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Welfare agencies struggle to support asylum seekers: Lateline Interview

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 08/07/2013
Reporter: Jason Om

The welfare system is straining under the pressure of the needs of thousands of asylum seekers living in the community but unable to work.

View the original story via the ABC website.


EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: The Immigration Department is continuing to sift through a backlog of 23,000-odd refugee claims that have been frozen for almost a year.

The Government insists it hadn’t established a satisfactory processing regime until now.

In the meantime, the welfare system has become strained under the pressure of the needs of thousands of asylum seekers living in the community.

Several asylum seekers have told Lateline they’re living in crowded accommodation or in some cases they’re sleeping rough.

This report from Jason Om.


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