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Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Scriptural, Theological and Ethical Approaches

StudyGuideThe questions surrounding our engagement with those who come to our country seeking refuge are profound and continue to shape the political and social landscape of Australia.

Our response to refugees and asylum seekers continues to be a hot topic in election campaigning. Ongoing conflict around the world continues to generate new sources of refugees at an unprecedented rate. The issues are not going away.

Contribute meaningfully to the public conversation

This inspirational study guide, prepared by The Reverend Gillian Moses, is designed to assist parish and other groups to explore asylum-seeker and refugee related issues in depth and through focused engagement with relevant scriptures. Each session of this study guide is designed to help groups engage with a critical issue concerning refugees and asylum seekers from a Christian perspective. Download the A4 document.

Further Help

To assist parishes, schools and agencies in their engagement with the study guide, the Diocesan Social Responsibilities Committee have also developed two shorter biblical ‘pre-studies’:
1. “Who do you say I am?: Issues of language and naming” (available here)
2. “What have you done to us, bringing us out of Egypt?: Coping with change” (available here)

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Right to live at home, right to seek asylum, right to work

The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce believes that Refugee Week is a time to remember that the suffering of asylum seekers and refugees is a global problem. Australia has an important role to play in helping to find durable solutions.

“Australia’s overseas aid funding should be targeted to improve living conditions in countries gutted by poverty or war,” Executive Officer, Misha Coleman, said today. Ms Coleman was formerly the CEO of Anglican Overseas Aid and has spent the past 20 years working in countries from which people flee.

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Churches Refugee Taskforce at Refugee Day Rally

Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce Executive Officer, Misha Coleman, spoke to a huge rally in Melbourne about the recent government decision to divert overseas aid money to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for use in Australia. News story below:

Prayer Points

How do we as Christians respond to the latest issues confronting refugees?

  • Please pray that the Australian Government doesn’t make further cuts from aid programs which support the poorest in the world.
  • Pray for the people who lost their lives at sea in the last week when their boats sank near Christmas Island.
  • Pray for the people in countries who are forced to flee their communities and seek asylum due to their desperate situations – Indonesia, Sub Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Vanuatu and the Pacific. Funding cuts to aid programs in these countries will only increase the flow of refugees globally.
  • Pray for the women of these countries who are the greatest impacted when overseas aid funding is redirected, by violence, war, poor health and abuse.
  • Pray that refugees are recognised not as a political ‘football’ but as our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • We pray that God will make us the means of change for our world.
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July 3-July 6: Strangers, Migrants and Refugees in the Bible

This three day course seeks to address effective pastoral responses to the issue of migration in our world today. Whether for professional or personal development, this event is not to be missed by anyone who cares about refugees and wishes to gain new perspectives and practical insights that will help you make a difference.


Presented by Fr vanThanh Nguyen SVD from CTU, Chicago. Download Event Flyer. and see full program here.

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Archbishop criticises migration zone amendment

From ABC News online: The Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide has criticised the Federal Government’s move to excise the entire mainland from Australia’s migration zone.

Archbishop Jeffrey Driver says the bill could pass the lower house by the end of the month.

It means anyone who arrives by boat will still be processed offshore.

Archbishop Driver says he is disturbed by the development which he says is inconsistent with the spirit of the nation’s obligations under the United Nations Refugee Convention.

“For people who come for instance as asylum seekers by boat it does mean that they lose the rights of access to the courts, education, family reunification,” he said.

“Those basic rights that are provided for under the UN convention.”

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