The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce has been established to promote a shared Christian vision of compassion and hospitality for asylum seekers and refugees. The churches and their agencies work together to advocate for just and humane policies.

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ABC NewsRadio: ‘So many other people at risk’ in detention on Nauru, says Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce

A 21-year-old refugee has set herself on fire on Nauru. ‘So many other people at risk’ in detention on Nauru, says Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce, after second refugee sets themself on fire in a […]

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The Taskforce is calling you to join a National Day of Prayer on Mother’s Day, the 8th of May, for mothers of people who are in detention. Find out more, and register your interest.

Please consider circulating this prayer, with its accompanying introduction, in your church bulletin this week.


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ABC NewsRadio: The Business of Offshore Detention

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Last week, the Papua New Guinea Government made the decision to close the Manus Island detention centre, after […]

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From SMH: Nuns, church groups start training for Australian Border Force raids

It is hard to imagine the brawn of the Australian Border Force raiding the convent where Saint Mary MacKillop’s body […]

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#Letthemstay sanctuary training set up at Brisbane Cathedral

From the Brisbane Times by Amy Mitchell-Whittington. Read the full story….

The Anglican Dean of Brisbane welcomed those willing […]

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National Day of Prayer for the mothers of people in Australia’s offshore detention centres

Church Bulletin Notice

Please consider including this text in your Church bulletin this week.

As […]

Movement of the Heart

Movement of the Hear is a Novena of Prayer running from 12 June, the Feast of […]

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ACRT Schools and Churches Poster

Download the ACRT Schools and Churches Poster.

The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce […]

Taskforce Report

The Taskforce's report calling for an independent guardian for unaccompanied children


Taskforce’s Pre-Budget Policy Submission

The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce’s Pre-Budget Policy Submission advocates for an urgent and comprehensive review of all spending related to asylum seekers and an end to the needless waste of offshore detention and work rights for asylum seekers.


Press Release: Self-immolation tragedies on Nauru direct result of cruel refugee policy

MAY 5 2016: The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce says the latest tragedy on Nauru is the direct result of the […]

Press Release: National Day of Prayer to be held for Mothers of the Young Men on Manus

MAY 4 2016: The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce is calling a National Day of Prayer for every mother who has a […]

Asylum seeker children in detention: Why the church has a duty to speak up

Usually dutiful Christians have been radicalised by a mounting outrage, concern and grief at the way we have been treating […]


Recommendations to Protect Refugees in the Middle East by Philip Ruddock and Chris Hayes

The Taskforce supports the recommendations made by the Hon. Philip Ruddock and MP Chris Hayes on Australia’s role in protecting […]

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40 years on, Vietnamese refugees are still coming

The Vietnamese diaspora are celebrating the 40th year of migration to Australia, but the way we treat Vietnamese refugees has […]

Christian Analysis of AHRC Report into Children in Detention

The Forgotten Children in Detention: It is the simplest of instructions to followers of Christ: “learn to do good; seek justice, […]


May God Bless @ShayneNeumannMP and we pray that can he can explore some new thinking for refugee policy in this country Australian Labor ...

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